The Top General Conference Activities for Kids, October 2013



General Conference is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do we get to hear from our beloved Prophet and Apostles but I get to eat waffles while I do it. However, a few years back we started our little family and I’m now just discovering how hard it is to keep a kid’s attention for 2 hour blocks.

Therefore, I thought it would be the perfect time to research and find the best General Conference activities for next week’s sessions.

“Conference Cash” by

Activities are always a great way to keep children entertained while watching conference. But sometimes every kid needs a little bribery to focus on what a speaker might be saying. came up with the idea to use “Conference Cash” to give their children an incentive to listen and participate with conference. Each child is given some conference cash before each session. They can then earn more money for being good and answering questions about the talks. Or they can lose money with poor behavior. They then use their conference bucks to buy special treats and items from the conference bank.

Learn more and download the Conference Cash template.

*You should also check out SomewhatSimple’s great Conference packets which can be found here:

Conference Packets by

Sugardoodle is the home for some of the best online resources for teaching primary, Sunday school, and Relief Society every Sunday! But every conference they put out one of the best Conference packets you will find anywhere. Best of all, it’s available in English, Spanish, and Portugese.

Each General Conference packet come with some great pages that encourage your child to reflect and write their feelings about Conference. Within the packets you will also find some really interesting facts about Conference, speakers, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Best of all if you mix this packet with the “Conference Cash” idea you could have some great activities to entertain your kids.

Get Sugardoodle’s Conference Packets.

Go Fish from Little LDS Ideas

Who doesn’t love a great game of Go Fish? One of my favorite Conference ideas comes from Little LDS Ideas. Sheena, the owner, created some amazing Go Fish cards featuring Apostles and General Conference topics. These go fish cards are a great way to entertain your kids quietly as you enjoy each session.

Get your General Conference cards right here.

As a bonus you should also check out Little LDS Ideas post for a General Conference scavenger idea. I would recommend using it between sessions as a prize for listening well.

Learn more about the scavenger hunt.

Another amazing idea from Sheena, the owner of Little LDS Ideas, is Conference Jenga. I love this idea and you will too, so check it out here, Conference Jenga.

A Lot of General Conference Activities from

Moms have questions too has a HUGE section of some of the best ideas for General Conference. Best of all they actually break their ideas out according to ages. Because I can’t put all of their ideas in this post (it would be too long). Some of their ideas and printouts include coloring, popsicles, magnet boards, and more. So check out their blog for General Conference ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

General Conference Activities by

I actually just discovered last Conference that provides some great coloring pages and activities for kids. Not only can you get some great coloring pages but they have some matching games and bingo as well. So be sure to check them out, they update their page on a regular basis.

Check out the activities.

Do you have a favorite General Conference Activity? Please share it in the comments below and we will add it to our list.